First post

I have two blogs hosted on WordPress: Pathos and Pathology, in which I post my musings about topics in medicine, and the Friendly Intern, a more technical site for medical students/trainees. But this is my first post on my author blog! Yay! How exciting!

As I write, plot, re-write, and edit, I’ll be posting about my writing process and sharing bits of knowledge that I find during research. For Watermark, I read about topics ranging from Vietnam war brides to coral reef ecology, Gullah traditions, and mermaid folklore. So you can expect some interesting things.

This blog will also be the home for my short stories and other works of fiction.

Sometimes, I’ll write about my work as a resident doctor. As the saying goes, write what you know, and doctors frequently make their way into my stories. I’m also happy to give suggestions and do fact-checking for writer questions about medicine/health/the human body–but will tell you when I don’t know the answer.

Looking forward to the fun times ahead!

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